Would you enjoy and learn the piano, in the wonderful environment surrounded by the forest, Oomura-bay, and HUIS TEN BOSCH?
We offer the pure feelings that take delight in music, in a wonderful environment.

Beethoven, Wagner, list, and Schubert.
All great musicians lived in nature, loved nature, felt the inspiration there, and invented wonderful music. When the art was the only amusement, music was not a means of competing. They enjoyed the music sound really purely.

In this music studio "La vie music", our studeuts can learn skils of piano and music, feeling happiness to perform in such a way.
We support our students while respecting there individuality and learn music together with happy feeling!

In La vie music, can also provide advises concerning 'Nutrition education', not only for students but also there parents if you are interested in 'Nutrition Education.
We will support the child's healthy growth in total.
Only for children, 4 - 22 years old.

We provide piano lessons and preparations for the examinations for musical high-school or university, geared to each student's level of ability, interest, and musical background.

- It is possible to instruct with top-level teaching skil formed by worldwide-famous professor.

- The lesson time is considered that it is possible to get learning deliberately.
The following tuition is a Price of every one lesson. Frequency of lesson is possible to change by student's convenience.

- As for the student from the distance (students from outside the prefecture are acceptable), Frequency of lesson is possible to change by student's convenience.

course class lesson charge
Piano biginner's class Bayer-Sonatine etc.
    60min, \2,500
Pianomiddle class Sonata,Bach invention
    60-80min. \3,000
Piano senior class Beethoven sonata etc.
    80-120min. \3,500
Preparation for examinations for Music high school and Music university
    80-120min. \5,000
Solege biginner's class  
    30min. \2,000
Solege middle class  
    60min. \2,500
Solege senior class and
Preparation for examinations for Solfege Music highschool and Music university
    120min. \4,000
You can have experience lesson. Please feel free to inquire to us.
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Instructor Ms. Ikuko Ogawa

Graduated from Kunitachi Music College.
Studied piano under each Ms.Kumiko Gounou, Mr.Ryuichi Kusumoto, Ms.Kumiko Kai, Mrs.Etsuko Tazaki, Mr.Takuro Maeda, and Mrs.Akane Yoshida.
Moreover, she received a private lesson from Mr.Alexander Iennar, the professor of Vienna National Music College in Vienna, Austria.

And studied vocal music under Ms.Tomoko Tsuruda, Mr. Yoshinobu Kuribayashi.

In 2005 and 2006, she held and the music activity 'Joy of Music in Sasebo' (Mrs. Etsuko Tazaki, a famous pianist was total supervisor.).
Two participants are selected from the students of La vie music.
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